7 Simple Ideas for Selfcare

//7 Simple Ideas for Selfcare

Sometimes it’s you who deserves a little tender loving care or something to make you feel good, so that you can care for others. Of course you can book yourself into a day spa and we would love to see you at ikatan Spa, Noosa where you leave feeling and looking rejuvenated but there are also a lot of simple things you can do at home, between visits to the day spa or salon, that will give you almost the same feel good vibe.

1. Create some new routines to care for your body, mind and soul

We should all treat our body as if it’s the only one you have, because it is and for this reason we need to create some new things to benefit our body and it may be as simple as change of routine.

Walk a different way to work when you get out of the car, bus, train or tram and you will see new things and increase your walking.

Remove one thing each week which you know is of no benefit to your body, mind or soul and replace it with something that nourishes you. It might be something you drink or eat, a habit you know is toxic for your body or mind and it may even be spring cleaning friends that drain your energy. You’ll be surprised how easy this is to do and how good you feel.

2. Give your mind a rest

Meditation comes in many forms and is a very personal practice, know that you don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor to meditate. You can find your own way to ‘still your mind’ and the benefits are numerous. Switching off your busy brain is not always easy but you could try some of the following suggestions:

Light candles, play soft background music and soak in a warm bath, with or without wine, you can get organic wine if that eases your conscience. This allows both your mind and your body to relax and rejuvenate.

TIP: I love to soak in a bath where I have added 1/2 a cup of pure magnesium flakes as the benefits of magnesium absorbed through the skin is beneficial at a cellular level for general wellbeing. About 30% of magnesium you take orally is absorbed through the gut so bathing in it gives me greater benefits than what I take in a vitamin.

3. Walk in a place you love to be

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Go with your dog or listen to music. If you walk the same place often you will meet the same people, they will smile at you, then say ‘Hello’ to you and you may even meet new interesting people and become friends.

You will be amazed at how like minded people tend to hang out in the same places for the same reasons. It’s part of belonging to a community and humans have better quality of life when they are part of a community. It’s a great way to meet people if you’re new an area.

4. Creative arts such as painting, drawing, colouring or knitting

They say ‘knitting is the new yoga’, well I saw this post on Facebook so it must be true, I knit most evenings, which started out as helping a charity project and while it relaxes me I am also being creative and productive, which kind of sums me up and I love it.

Maybe you’re you into colouring in, it’s seen to be a type of meditation because it takes your mind somewhere else, which is therapeutic and also creative.

5. Dancing releases happy endorphins

You don’t have time to think about anything else except your next steps when you dance and it releases happy endorphins while being great exercise, plus it’s an opportunity to throw on a special outfit and go out and dance with others who love to dance. Why not stay home to dance to music you love, songs that just sings to you that instantly takes you to a place, time and memory as if it were yesterday.

6. Be unplugged

Switch off your phone, computer and TV and have a techno free day. Oh I love this, permission to checkout of the online world, it’s guaranteed to give you a feeling of amazing freedom.

Did you know that people actually pay to go to places that advertise ‘no wifi’ as it gives them an excuse, a reason and permission to switch off. Best recommendation I can make, from experience, is to go on a cruise ship as they usually have such bad wifi, you give up trying to use it. Our guests are asked to put their mobile onto flight mode at ikatan Spa, it’s better than flying first class, you get to lay on a contoured bed and be pampered, waited on and cared for without the long haul flight. We don’t offer wifi because our guests are at a day spa to switch off and enjoy the connection with their senses and nature during the relaxation time at ikatan Spa.

Wellness Tourism’ is the fastest growing global travel sector where retreats, resorts, day spas and now some cruise ships, offering Retreat Cruises with no technology and strong focus of wellness and wellbeing. I would love to review a Retreat Cruise.

7. Focus on the breathe, deeply and slowly

I know everyone says it and at times I feel like shouting out in the yoga class “I am breathing but not in, when you say in, and not out, when you say out”. You can deep breath anywhere, anytime and I prefer to do it, not in a yoga class where someone is telling me to breath because I am trying to stay in the yoga pose not think about breathing that I do all the time easily without being reminded.

I can highly recommend slow deep breathing while waiting in a line and feeling frustrated, driving or waiting in the car or train and it’s fantastic to do on a flight. Try deep breathing when you feel stressed as it’s the quickest on the spot, de-stressing solution when you’re in a situation that puts you under stress. There’s always a positive side to anything and treating your breathing as some ‘me time’ is really positive, try it. If I can do it you can.

What can you change today about your routine, rest, walk, creativity, dance, unplug and breathing to help you destress anywhere anytime?

Day Spa Oracle blog came about from clients inspiring me to share my knowledge, experience and advice. I hope it inspires you too Katrina Thorpe Day Spa Oracle

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  1. Annabel Candy May 16, 2016 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    Hi Katrina,

    My mum’s a big knitter and I think it’s a form of meditation – when you get good enough at it! I try to be mindful when I walk, write or cook and turn those activities into a kind of meditation. Everything feels better and seems to last longer when you try to be present as you experience it.

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