Noosa Triathlon: Entourage Time Out!

//Noosa Triathlon: Entourage Time Out!

Noosa Triathlon Entourage pays homage to the partners, family and friends of the triathletes who flock to the Noosa Triathlon each year. The Noosa Tri Entourage are the support crew, the people behind the scenes who help by allowing the triathlete time to train, rest, race, repeat. The entourage does a lot of work before, during and after the triathlon without actually participating in the event.

Are you part of the Noosa Tri entourage? Are you happy to visit beautiful Noosa for the race you’ve all been working towards for the past year? Will you be helping prepare your loved one for the event and cheering them on from the sidelines?

Then you’re probably looking forward to the quiet life after race day when you get to enjoy some time off from all things triathlon!

The Noosa Triathlon brings thousands of people to Noosa each year and creates a buzz of excitement. Suddenly Noosa is packed to capacity with fit, healthy, enthusiastic people looking for a new personal best, and nervous first-time triathletes taking on a new challenge.

Time Out for the Noosa Triathlon Entourage

Noosa is heaps of fun during the triathlon but if you want to escape the melee of triathletes with their entourage, as well as media and officials, we know the perfect place.

If you’re looking for some time out before or after the Noosa triathlon, now is the time to book in at ikatan Day Spa for some much needed and well deserved ‘you time’. You won’t be the only one!

We see more partners of triathletes each year at our award-winning Noosa Day Spa and feel our contribution to the Noosa Triathlon is in caring for the amazing entourage of women and men who look after the house, kids or business while their triathlete partner trains, races or rests.

We’re also seeing more grandparents coming for spa treatments as a thank you gift for looking after the kids when both parents are competing in the triathlon.

If you’re part of the entourage, check out our packages or specials and book in advance to lock in your time out.

Time Out for Noosa Triathletes

A few days after the race, groups of triathletes book in together to finally relax and celebrate their successes. For athletes, the most popular treatments are massages and pedicures to soothe those aching muscles and sore feet.

A magnesium massage is by far the most popular post triathlon massage because it aids recovery. In combination with a relaxing style Balinese massage, it’s the perfect recipe for mind-body rejuvenation after months of hard training and racing.

Some athletes love to combine a facial with a massage and/or pedicure to rejuvenate their skin. Those salt or chlorinated water swims, coupled with the sun, wind and cold weather exposure on the bike or when running damage and age skin. Thankfully, a good facial can do something to reverse that damage.

We’re here to help, with a special Noosa Triathlon Recharge Package specially designed for triathletes on offer at ikatan Spa to help you feel and look like you never raced. Book online now.

Training for the Next Noosa Triathlon?

We recommend Nick and Jessica Croft (pictured above) from Multisport Consultants. Both seasoned professional triathletes, they live in Noosa and offer triathlon training camps as well as online coaching so you’ll be ready to crush it next year.

Book Day Spa Time Out Now to Avoid Disappointment

There’s no other day spa like ikatan in Noosa or anywhere in the world. Set in a tropical Balinese garden, relaxation is guaranteed from the moment you walk through the gates. We serve herbal teas, alcoholic refreshments and delicious platters so you can linger in the gardens to extend your precious time out.

Tip: To get the ideal booking time for you it’s best to call us during office hours on 07 54711199 from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, contact us by email with your phone number and we’ll call you as soon as possible or book online now.

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