New! Mantra Massage at ikatan Day Spa in Noosa

//New! Mantra Massage at ikatan Day Spa in Noosa

My never-ending search to find the best day spa treatments is the perfect excuse for me to visit some of the best spas around the world. Check out my global day spa guide if you’d like to plan your travels around a sensational day spa experience.

I’m particularly interested in experiencing Asian spa and beauty treatments because their healing tradition incorporates centuries of wisdom. Not surprisingly, the Balinese massage and Bali Getaway Package are popular treatments at ikatan Spa Noosa.

After experiencing the Esalen massage while visiting Taksu Spa in Ubud, and after years of studying wellbeing and experiencing different massage styles, I was inspired to create a new massage for ikatan Spa.

After months of refining the treatment and training all our therapists in how to deliver it, I’m excited to finally add the new Mantra Massage treatment to our new spa menu.

Your mind, body and emotions need time to regenerate by resetting, relaxing and keeping your thoughts in the present moment. We see a growing need for spa treatments that help mental and emotional health, which is why we created the Mantra Massage which you will only find at ikatan Day Spa, Noosa.

Mantra Massage Highlights

Mindfulness – Created by ikatan spa, the Mantra Massage creates a physical experience to help relieve mental health and emotional stress. The Mantra Massage incorporates mindfulness with a whole body experience, taking relaxation to another level.

I’ve always considered the Chi Massage to be our most relaxing massage experience, and it is by far the most nurturing massage, but the Mantra Massage is a more physical experience for the body. Combining the two necessities of a massage that’s physically effective, with complete rest of the mind, is what the Mantra Massage is all about.

When you arrive at ikatan Spa for your Mantra Massage, we ask you to select a Mantra Card with a written quote. If you wish you can then repeat it in your head, or keep returning your thoughts to it as you would with a mantra, during your massage. This helps keep your mind in the present moment.

Mantra-focused – The term mantra comes from a Sanskrit word meaning a “sacred message”. It’s used for a word or phrase such as “Om” which is believed to possess mystical or spiritual power. Mantras may be spoken aloud or uttered in thought. The Mantra Massage encourages guests to focus on a mantra of their choice, or be given their own mantra to focus on during the massage.

This combination of focusing on a positive mantra while getting a relaxing massage is powerful. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

A mantra is about creating pure intentions and genuine kindness which is a focus of ikatan’s new Mantra Massage.

Tension relief – The Mantra Massage is a such a unique, flowing experience, that your mind is also focused on what is happening to you physically. This also helps bring your mind to the present moment and forget about your world beyond this experience.

Warm oil, and long, flowing, palming hand and forearms movements are used by your therapist, as your limbs are gently stretched and massaged at the same time in continuous flowing motion. The technique focuses on stretching the whole body, and massaging those areas where we tend to hold our emotional tension, with a soothing, flowing movement.

We all hold tension in different parts of our body and, after asking you to complete a short questionnaire covering any special needs or problems, our therapist will discuss areas where you hold tension so she can focus on them.

Having a thorough back, neck and shoulder massage is important to the majority of people, therefore the Mantra Massage has two back massages. The first back massage is to relax the muscles, while the second is to work on areas that need more attention and relaxation.

Many of us are aware that, when tense, we clench our hands, frown or stiffen our shoulders. But it’s also common to be unaware of the tension we’re holding onto until someone takes time to massage us slowly and ease that tension away. It’s an unbeatable feeling of release.

One guest said:

‘I feel like someone did a yoga class with my body while my mind was nowhere, during my Mantra massage’.

Body Mind Experience – The Mantra Massage is designed to release tension and stress in the mind and body at the same time, treating you holistically and teaching you how to maintain relaxation after you go home.

Contraindications – The body stretches in this massage incorporate extended movement to legs, back and hip areas, as well as arms, shoulders and light, stretches to the neck, therefore the Mantra Massage is not suitable if you are pregnant, have back, hip, neck, shoulder or arm injuries. Neck stretches can be omitted if required and your therapist can modify some stretches to meet your needs. All our reception staff are also trained therapists. Please ask them if you have any areas of concern before booking the Mantra Massage.

While we pride ourself on delivering relaxing Noosa day spa treatments in a tranquil environment, we’re pretty sure this is the most amazing massage treatment for physical and mental stress.

Does our new Mantra Massage sound like a day spa experience you’d enjoy?

To book our new Mantra Massage for yourself or a loved one visit ikatan Day Spa website.

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