Make Mother’s Day Memorable

//Make Mother’s Day Memorable

Mother’s Day is promoted as a chance to give your mother flowers, chocolates or take her out for the obligatory Mother’s Day lunch, as if it’s the only day she gets a chance to get out of the kitchen. I think it’s time we put some thought into making Mother’s Day more meaningful, rather than just following a Mother’s Day routine.

Where Mother’s Day came from

I was born in the UK where Mothering Sunday is celebrated in March. I also have a heritage from Europe where Romans and Greeks worshipped mother figures and goddesses. How time has changed for us mothers! But it was an American, Anna Jarvis, who named Mother’s Day as a remembrance day for her mum who was a peace activist.

Mother, Nonna and Daughter

This year I became a Nonna and I am now in the middle of the mothers in my family. This has inspired me to think outside the square about what I can do for my mother and my daughter this Mother’s Day.

I started by writing a list of things we love to do, such as relaxing, reading, nature, cooking, sewing and anything creative. I want my daughter’s first Mother’s Day to be special, personal, memorable. My mother, now a great grandmother, likes the simple things in life, while I love thoughtfulness.

I came up with some thoughtful ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with my daughter and my mum and share them here for you if you want to create a memorable Mother’s Day too.

Mother nature

One of the first inspirations that came to mind was Mother Nature and with a love of gardens and anything organic or natural, as well as a passion for fresh organic ingredients and cooking for others, it’s the perfect combination to work with.

Make a basket of her favourite, homemade or fresh market food and take off to a place surrounded by nature for a picnic.

Handmade with love labels would be a nice touch. You could write a little note about the food and why it’s a family favourite and memorable to you or your mum.

Write a letter

I love collecting beautiful paper and this Mother’s Day I will use it to write a letter to my mum and daughter to tell them how I feel about them and what I am grateful for. As I remember what mum has taught me, I must promise to teach my daughter what I have learnt. My mum has always been creative; it was a matter of having to be in the sixties and I have embraced everything she taught me.

My daughter is part of the retro revival generation who loves my handmade knitting and sewing for her family and puts in the orders for what she wants as fast as I can make them. But I make everything for her instead of teaching her. I think there will be some lessons promised in her letter.

Promise your mum a date

I talk to a lot of mums, I am a mum and know that it’s the thought that counts. When you live too far away and can’t be with your mum on Mother’s Day, simply organise something you can do together at another time and tell her you’re taking her on a date.

Mother and daughter days at ikatan spa are very popular. While some people like to buy gift vouchers to give their mum on Mother’s Day, others book to come later in the year when they can organise the time together and make a spa date. Pop a gift voucher or note in a card to tell your mum “we’re going on a spa date together”.

You may prefer to take your mum on a date for a walk together in a place she wants to explore or to a special restaurant together. Take her on your own. Mother’s day is a perfect time for a son to organise a dinner or lunch date with his mum for another time. Most restaurants have gift vouchers or just write a promise in a card.

There’s chocolates and there’s thoughtful chocolates

My son usually buys me chocolates. It’s a quirky thing that started when he was 16 years old with the smallest box of Ferrero Rocher bought with his own money. The more money he earns, the bigger the box he gifts me on Mother’s Day. It’s become a tradition I love. What I makes this special is the smile on his face when he gives me the unwrapped chocolates, as if to say ‘I have so got this mothers day gift nailed’.

While my son loves me to cook for him, he would prefer for us to go out to eat and chat on our own. Or he would promise to organise a trip to the snow together because he likes snow boarding and I ski, but I’m not sure he would be paying for that trip!

Home delivery

I’m the eldest of four kids and we used to buy mum a combined present, which was a great way for my brother to let us, his sisters, organise something for mum. You may want to stand out from the other kids by doing something more personal for your mum and it can be as easy as making her a delicious meal so that she has a night off cooking! Every mum loves someone to cook for her.

There are some fantastic home delivery meals available now, direct from local restaurants and they are as easy as a phone call and credit card to organise. No matter what age, any mum would love to have dinner delivered.

It’s the memorable thought that counts

I hope my ideas help you to make her Mother’s Day memorable, I can’t wait to be with my grandson for my first mother’s day as a nonna.

I’m no different to any other mum. For us, it’s the thought that counts, but mums are also happy to have a memorable Mother’s Day surprise, a thoughtful, personal gift that is more than just part of that old routine second Sunday in May we call Mother’s day.

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  1. Annabel Candy May 8, 2017 at 1:33 am - Reply

    Hi Katrina,

    Congratulations on becoming a nonna. I love the picnic idea and hope you do manage to make time to pass on those creative skills to your daugher.

    I hope to get out for a lovely walk with the family. Anytime when they are all together makes me happy.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you on Sunday!

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