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Welcome to my Day Spa Oracle blog for beauty and wellbeing.

I started my working career as a hairdresser and beauty therapist. Then I  set up my own salon and taught hairdressing after becoming a mum.

Later I trained to be a fitness instructor for fun when we all headed to the gym in G string leotards and jumped up and down to Madonna and Michael Jackson. I loved those days.

Hairdressing became a thing of the past as I launched my full time fitness career, while studying nutrition and personal training. I went on to become director of fitness at a health club, which was big step up from teaching aerobics.

After moving to the Sunshine Coast all my skills and training were put to good use when I took a position in a hotel day spa. I soon realised the day spa world included everything I loved: health, beauty, wellbeing and helping people look and feel their best.

I was passionate about beauty and wellbeing and had all the qualifications for it but I’ve always had a thirst to learn more and still love learning all I can.

I went on to study just about every time of massage you could name from remedial to lymphatic, but I soon realised Balinese massage was my favourite for achieving overall relaxation and wellbeing.

After visiting day spas all over the world and never finding a spa that never quite met my expectations, my husband Nick and I decided to set up our own Balinese day spa in Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. ikatan Spa Noosa, is designed around a Balinese village concept set in extensive tropical gardens with luxury service and products. I can confidently say, there is nowhere else like it in the world.

I’ve always believed if you can’t find something you want, then you should create it, and that’s what I did with ikatan Spa Noosa.

Why a Balinese spa? 

The Balinese are gentle people who are authentic and true to their culture and beliefs.  This gentle and welcoming nature is a way of life for them and we emulate that at our day spa with all our guests.

The combination of a natural garden setting with highly trained therapists, luxury spa treatments and the laid back Noosa vibe is unique. I guess we found the niche market and claimed it.

Why did we choose the name ikatan?

Finding the right name for a business is paramount to what it stands for, and everything you do. ikatan means ‘a connection‘ in Indonesian and in Balinese ikat means ‘to make by hand’ and ikatan  meanshandmade sarong’.

It seemed like the perfect name for a day spa that where the hands on connection between therapists and guests is our focus, giving people a sense of belonging.

Our hand woven Balinese barong-pattern sarongs are a signature of ikatan Spa. The barong story which is woven into the pattern of our sarongs, tells the story of a Hindu myth about good versus evil, and how neither win because we need a balance of both in everything.

Creating balance is the philosophy we use during treatments and in our daily lives at ikatan. We help our guest achieve balance and reconnect with peace, tranquility and nature. I hope to welcome you at ikatan spa soon.

I created Day Spa Oracle blog to help women with their beauty and wellbeing questions, sharing my knowledge and advice.

I hope it inspires you to find balance and enjoy life.