10 Ways to REALLY Relax on Your Next Vacation

//10 Ways to REALLY Relax on Your Next Vacation

Downtime is proven to reduce stress, increase creativity and improve both mental and physical health. But, even though we need vacations to keep us ticking along nicely, Australians workers aren’t using their allocated holiday time.

Maybe it’s because we’re addicted to our jobs; or too time poor to be able to organise a vacation; or so over-worked that we think, if we have a break, we’ll never catch up again. There may be many different reasons why we don’t use our vacation time but, whatever the reason, it’s vital that when we do take a vacation we fully relax.

Holidays should be a stress-free zone, a time for people to really wind down and learn to enjoy the simple things in life again.

Here’s how to really relax on your next vacation:

1. Book a spa treatment at the beginning of your vacation

Don’t wait until the end of your holiday to visit the day spa. It’s a common mistake that many of the guests at our Noosa day spa make. Being pampered and eased into relaxation at a day spa will set the tone for the rest of your holiday.

Then, if it turns out to be the highlight of your vacation, you’ll have time to book in for another visit later in the holiday.

2. Do it your own way

Some people relax by trekking to Everest Base Camp, others prefer to chill out with food and drinks in our tropical garden. It’s your holiday, so don’t let other people dictate how you spend your precious vacation time.

Whether you want to start journaling, learn how to stand up paddleboard or work your way through the bestsellers list, that’s okay.

Many guests at ikatan book a day spa retreat as part of their vacation so they can also learn yoga or meditation while they’re here.

3. Have another glass of wine!

You don’t have to rush anywhere, keep a clear head for work or worry about what anyone else will think. If you love wine, vacations are the time to indulge. That’s why we offer guests the option of a glass of bubbles after their treatment as an alternative to tea.

We even have a wine list with nibbles or platters for people who want to spend as long as possible relaxing at ikatan.

4. Digital detox or not? It’s your choice

We ask people to switch off their phones when they visit ikatan Spa because beeping, swishing and ringing noises are definitely not relaxing. Do carve out set times when you’re not available for contact during your holiday but, if you need to allocate times for checking email and keeping a quiet eye on things at work, do so.

Similarly, if your idea of relaxing involves catching up on reading your favourite blogs, or getting creative with the latest photo editing apps, do it. It’s your vacation so you’re the boss.

5. Minimise relationship stress

If you’re on vacation with your family, relax the usual rules and let everyone do it their own way. Stay somewhere where the kids can safely entertain themselves some of the time, or find a babysitter so you can enjoy some childfree time. Try Nannies of Noosa if you want to visit ikatan Day Spa without the kids or, if your kids are older, do what some families do with teenagers and make ikatan day spa a family outing. We offer special teen treatments.

Or book into a day spa like ikatan where you don’t have to speak to anyone, no one expects anything of you and the only questions you’ll be asked is about what you’d like to drink and nail polish colour choices.

6. Try something new

Experiencing something new is a sure-fire way to distract us from our everyday problems and still the chattering mind. You could visit somewhere you’ve never been before, try a new sport or book a spa package you’ve never had before.

7. Learn how to deal with stress

When we’re constantly working, there’s often no time to put in place the tools we need to relax. Our day spa retreats can include private yoga and/or meditation sessions, so you can learn relaxation techniques that are proven to work, and that you can keep using once your vacation is over.

8. Sleep more

If you’ve been over-working or feeling stressed, you’re likely to have accumulated a sleep debt. Now’s the time to prioritise sleep by having a long lie in, ducking off for a nana nap, or giving yourself permission to fall asleep during a massage. Extra sleep is guaranteed to help you wind down and return to work feeling refreshed. The more sleep you get, the better you sleep.

9. Don’t over-schedule your vacation

Book one or two activities during your vacation, but don’t over-schedule yourself. This is your time to do as you please and go with the flow. Remember, it’s okay to do nothing. That’s probably exactly what you need.

10. Practice makes perfect

If you find it hard to relax on vacations, it’s probably because you’ve been enduring so much stress that you’ve forgotten how to unwind. Use your vacation time and practice good self-care.

Even if you’re time poor, you should be able to keep the holiday vibe alive and dial back stress by making time for a day spa retreat. Ikatan spa’s Retreat for a Day in Noosa are hugely popular with high-flying Brisbane women as well as fly in fly out workers.

Book a holiday or day spa retreat before you need it, because you’ll find that relaxing on vacation comes easier the more you do it.

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