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Do you ever feel like running away, escaping from everything and everyone, feeling like you just want some time to yourself to chill out and charge your batteries? So what’s stopping you, money, time or guilt trip?

Sometimes you have to escape to advance your wellness.

We see people walk into the reception at ikatan Spa who look like they need saving from themselves and their lives and it’s part of the reason they need and want spa treatments as day spas have become the mini break in a person’s life.

Some guests walk so fast in the doors of a day spa, we can feel the hurried energy come with them, busy and tense, checking their phone before they have to put it on silent. The type of guest who can’t find what they want in their bag and there’s too much going on in their heads, it’s hard to calm them down but as we say take a seat and relax, it’s like we have given them permission to chill out.

We feel your stress and we immediately know what to do to help.

Leaving stress behind you starts before you enter the treatment room as you breathe in the aroma of the spa, relax with a herbal tea, listen to the soft voices and tranquil music, while a smile from spa staff all plays on your senses to calm you. It’s like we have given you permission to turn off the world, within only a few minutes after arriving and sipping on a tea that never tasted so good, you know it’s time to let go and hand yourself over to your spa therapist to care for you.

Relaxation can’t be rushed!

It takes a few deep breath and a couple minutes to allow yourself to switch off from the outside world but it takes about an hour to really relax, which is why we see an amazing difference in people who come for two or more hours of spa treatments. But if you can only give yourself an hour of treatments, please arrive early to relax prior to treatments, as it is beneficial for de-stressing.

How to organise time out for yourself

Book it in your diary, call it what ever you like but don’t let anything change your booking.  It is your time to do something for yourself that will restore your body, mind and spirit. Think of it as putting back a little of what life takes out so that you can get back to doing what you need to do with more energy.

Money spent on yourself is hard to justify for some people but I know in my 20’s with two young kids I could tweak the grocery spend if I really needed something and we all know we can do it if it is important. Put money away each week towards a spa treatment. You may be able to claim your meeting with yourself as a work expense.

Time is always hard to find so don’t try to make it Friday afternoon, what’s wrong with Wednesday morning as long as there are 7 days in the week your body does not mind which day you chose. If your health is important you will have to make the time and at least call in advance and book yourself in, then you will look forward to your time out.

Guilt is a terrible thing, but it is what some people feel for taking time out for themselves or spending money on themselves. Without you investing time and money in yourself how are you going to improve your stress levels? Work out a way of giving to both your family, job, business or partner and yourself because you will have more of you to give if you’re not as burnt out.

You obviously need to keep doing what you do, or you wouldn’t do it?  Then you deserve to invest in yourself to be able to do it without as much stress and give yourself a reward of ‘time out’ as it’s also something to look forward to.

A date with yourself.

Your ‘time’ with yourself can be as simple as going for a long walk without rushing to work, going to the beach, a movie or lunch but what you probably need every now and then is someone else to take care of you. Day spa’s are seeing more people than ever coming alone to have spa treatments designed for nurturing and de-stressing as we are trained to care for people and it is effective for time out and stress related issues. Some call it a quick fix and for the amount of time and money you spend in a day spa, it’s a really quick fix, and reasonably priced for the benefits you gain.

Stress relief, anywhere, anytime with aromatherapy

Stress and how it is affecting people is having such a big impact and while a spa therapist can’t be with you every day,  I have a solution to help you cope with stress at work, home in your daily life. I understand how you feel and know what can help, which is why we have an aromatherapy range at ikatan spa that can slip into your busy daily life to add a subliminal calming effect on you in an easy simple way, anywhere, anytime.

Aromatherapy – Essential oils to create harmony and balance of body and mind

You can buy aromatherapy oils at most day spas, health stores and some pharmacies also carry essential oils. You can use the oils in a carrier oil to apply to your body or release their aroma in a diffuser, which is available in stores where aromatherapy oils are sold. There are so many types of oils for different forms of stress and it’s best to get advice on what is best for your type of stress but they have been scientifically proved to have a lasting and profound effect with how the work.

Please find time for yourself each week, book it in and make it happen. You deserve it.

Take care of yourself. No one else will.

Day Spa Oracle blog came about from clients inspiring me to share my knowledge, experience and advice. I hope it inspires you too Katrina Thorpe Day Spa Oracle

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