Teen Time: Family Spa Experience

//Teen Time: Family Spa Experience

Do you come to the day spa to escape your kids or do you prefer to bring your kids with you for a family spa experience?

Relaxation and time together as a family is the main reason parents are bring their teenagers for spa treatments, and it’s fast becoming an upward trend for a family holiday experience. There’s a growing number of families booking spa treatments as parents realise the stress on teenagers with school, social and mental pressure can be helped with some time out and relaxation for their teenagers.

Family spa time is an upward trend.

We realise we have entered a whole new family spa market that is a pleasure to be part of, as we help teenagers and their parents to de-stress together. Spending quality time together at a day spa offers parents and teens a relaxed place where each member of the family can choose treatments they want from our adult or Teen Spa Menu at ikatan spa. While a choice of room is available have treatments in either a double room or single rooms, families love spending time together relaxing in the gardens at ikatan Spa enjoying food and beverage after spa treatments.

A spa treatment for the family is not only relaxing, but a subtly way of educating teenagers to care for themselves, helping them to understand the importance of letting someone care for them and helping them to feel more confident about the way they look and feel.

Mums and Daughter spa visits have always been popular.

The mums and daughters spa visits used to be mainly for women over thirty, however we are seeing younger, teenage daughters with their Mums at the spa now and interestingly we see a growing number of teenage boys coming with their parents to the day spa too. Girls are generally interested in anything to do with beauty especially in their teens, when it’s a new, exciting and interesting for them discovering how to improve and maintain their bodies.

Teen boys love facials.

Boys gravitate towards the massage and facial treatments as they usually play sport and massage helps their body with managing muscle tension but the facial is where more interest and questions are being asked by the boys. The teen boys of today take a lot of pride in their appearance and with that advice from a beauty therapist about how to care for skin in a simple basic way is more influential than parents advice.

We simplify how teens should care for their skin.

Teens of today have more information available to them than ever before, yet this seems to cause more confusion for them when it comes to their skin and looking after themselves. We find the teens of today like validation from a spa therapist, on what they have read or heard about online or seen on TV commercials.

Young adults enjoy asking our professional spa therapist about something they have seen, read or heard about skin care, to verify  if it is the best thing to do for their skin problem. We find that the teens are confused with all the information they read so we keep it very simple and basic about cleaning and hydrating skin during their teen years when skin is a reflection of hormonal change.

Teens need to be soothed by touch.

Touch is important for all of us and during the teen years touch is something teenagers often avoid. Teen years are also a time when your beautiful child decides they don’t want you to kiss, cuddle and touch them like you did.

I have been through this with my kids, one day they sit on your lap, get in your bed and want to be in your space constantly, then they have a 13th birthday and before you know it they wipe their face where you kissed!

Don’t breathe on me mum, don’t touch me to their siblings, don’t look at me like that dad, teen years are a big emotional shift in preparing them to withdraw from parents and gain independence but it’s harder for them to withdraw from all the touch they have had as a little baby and child, as it is for parents.

During teenage developing years, when life is hard on their body, emotions and mind it’s a natural instinct for teens to push parents away which is why having a family time at a spa can help your kids. Touch from someone else is often a new experience for kids and having a professional therapists touch them is a very important learning experience for most kids. They understand it is to make them relax, feel better and a time to chill out because it is at a professional day spa with qualified therapists and the benefit of just touch alone to a teen reassures them that it’s ok to relax.

Parents and everything else, is embarrassing to teenagers.

Therapists are trained to make people feel comfortable before, during and after spa treatments and this is very important when we work with teens so they understand it is a normal part of everyday life, especially in our day spa world. Yet we know they often feel embarrassed and awkward and we are used to dealing with that also.

Popular spa treatments for the family.

The most popular family time at the spa is with treatments each followed by some food and drink in the gardens. Double rooms are popular as kids feel more comfortable in a double room with a sibling or a parent. Usually treatments for one hour are perfect for teens, any shorter and they don’t have time to relax, any longer they start to fidget.

Parents will often have slightly longer treatments if the kids go in the same room together and that way the kids have more time to sit and do nothing while waiting for their parents, which is really good for teens, considering they are so relaxed after a massage or facial as they are completely zoned out.

Most day spas don’t cater for children visiting on their own and this is mostly due to staff at a day spa not holding legal required certification to care for children under 18 years of age, however when accompanied with a parent to a day spa and adhering to the standard day spa policies, kids are very welcome to have spa treatments at ikatan spa.

Family visits to the day spa are time out for parents, time together for the family and great for teens to experience.

family time is precious, enjoy it

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