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It seems only fitting, in the first month of the Chinese New Year, to tell you about the ikatan Spa Chi Massage Treatment because this massage has Chinese origins, hence the use of the Chinese word chi meaning energy.

I discovered the benefits of chi massage after experiencing an amazing transformation from feeling burnt out to chilled out after a 90 minute massage in Malaysia. The massage was supreme in so many ways that I booked in for two more chi massages and stayed awake so I could understand the entire concept and introduce it at ikatan Spa.

What is chi massage?

Chi massage is based on the Chinese elements of wood, fire,  earth, water and metal. Each of these elements has characteristics that become unbalanced when your body is suffering from stress, fatigue, mental or physical burn out, a depressed or overactive mind or a combination of these things.

More about the elements and essential oils used

We learn what your Chinese element influences are on the day of your chi massage treatment by asking three simple questions when you arrive at ikatan Spa. Your answers, and a special chi chart, allow us to work out the main imbalances, in your chi elements. We then prepare the appropriate essential oils for balancing the elements you specifically need help with.

What happens during a chi massage?

By preparing and using particular essential oils which balance each off the four elements, a natural shift comes about in your mind and body while we use a herbal compress and combination of massage styles during this treatment.

The herbal compresses are specially created to ikatan Spa requirements in Bali using natural dried herbs gathered into a cloth ball and tied with the extra cloth making a handle for us to hold when we apply the oil.

We start the Chi Massage Treatment by using a warmed herbal compress ball to apply your elemental aromatherapy oil blend in a slow rhythmical motion. As the oil goes on to the skin, the herbs in the compress ball work on body fatigue.

How does chi massage work?

Your Chinese elements also relate to a dominant meridian that’s also depicted on our chi chart. During the foot massage, which is included in the Chi Massage Treatment, we can then focus on massaging the governing reflex points in your feet. Along with your element essential oils being absorbed though the skin, inhaling their aroma and the soothing massage moves we use to calm your body and mind, you will feel yourself de-stressing, if you’re not already asleep.

Chi massage is unique to ikatan Spa

The massage moves and techniques I put together for our Chi Massage Treatment are different to the massages I experienced in Malaysia because I’ve studied many styles of massage, so this was an opportunity to combine the best of what I’ve learnt from different modalities.

Our chi massage incorporates the concept of Chinese elements with massage moves and techniques based on aromatherapy, Balinese and Hawaiian massage and Chinese reflexology with integrated chakra moves which I feel offer the best of each style for de-stressing.

When you’re exhausted, your body needs nurturing therefore this massage is slow, soothing, with light to medium pressure, and carefully structured so one move flows into another.

Why gentle massage is best for stress relief

We continually educate our clients to understand that when your body is under stress the last thing you need is a firm massage. I’m not sure where the concept of having a firm massage to relax came from but I wish it would go away!

Think about it like this; if your body is under stress of any kind why would you want to send a message of more stress to your body? When experiencing a firm massage your body responds to the pain caused by sending internal stress signals to your mind telling your body to prepare for more stress.

A gentle massage is definitely the best way to combat stress.

How long does a chi massage take?

The Chi Massage is popular and one of our favourite treatments to give clients but we prefer to have 90 minutes to perform this massage. There is a 60 minute Chi Massage available although we feel a little rushed. Part of Chi experience is the calming tinkle of Chinese medicine balls along with the smell of your balancing chi oil and if you have time to enjoy our 90 minute Chi Massage Treatment we’ll finish with a meridian scalp massage.

However long the massage lasts, the oil needs to be left on your skin for lasting benefits after your treatment, so ideally you’ll, have time to enjoy a drink prepared by your therapist and relax in our tropical gardens after your massage.

To prolong the feeling we also make and sell our Chi Massage aroma blends so clients can continue to use them at home.

Would you like to try a chi massage?

We find it interesting and rewarding seeing how our Chi Massage works on clients and are often amazed at how positively the Chi massage treatment effects us too as we breathe in the aroma of the essential oils and work to a slower rhythm, or even have a Chi massage ourselves!

If you’d like to book a Chi Massage for yourself or a loved one contact ikatan Spa now. Does this sound like the type of massage you need?

鸡年大吉 – Jínián dàjí – Lots of luck in the year of the rooster.

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