Have You Got Busy Mum Syndrome?

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Do you suffer from Busy Mum Syndrome?

Are you always doing your best for everyone, and finding it hard to get any ‘ME’ time, or as I like to call it, ‘MUM’ Mother Under Maintenance time?

Read this to find out why it is so important for you to have some time out and the health and happiness benefits to be gained for you and your family.

If you’re a busy Mum you may occasionally day dream about escaping to a day spa where someone else cares for you instead of you doing all the caring for others. You may think it too expensive to spend the money on yourself or it’s hard to find the time. Then what happens to everyone and everything if you’re sick or seriously ill, what happens then? Aren’t you worth investing the time, energy and money in to keep you running in peak mental and physical condition so you are able to be there for everyone and everything in the best possible version of yourself?

As a mother of two kids I try to live by the philosophy of ‘Happy Mum, happy family’ it is a classic European thing I am told, but I know that my kids felt happiest and secure when they had a happy Mum. I could not really afford it but knew how to balance the budget to compromise on things so that I could have the necessities now and then to keep me happy and maintained. (I was also good at making a meal go a long way if I needed a new pair of shoes too!)

Think about when you were a kid, chat to your girlfriends about it and you will all come to the same conclusion that every family functions best with a happy Mum.
Being nurtured by others is the best way to get some quick ‘M.U.M’ time and that can be as simple as going to the hairdressers, beauty salon for waxing or day spa for time out. Totally switching off and having others care for you is important to maintain your wellness, while being the best investment you will make for your family as it allows you to be able to keep everything running smoothly and most importantly, YOU will be a HAPPY MUM.

Here are some great spa treatments for busy Mum’s to get some nurturing M.U.M time.
www.ikatanspa.com – Select treatments to relax and nurture you like ikatan Spa Chi massage popular for stress, emotional balance and burnout.

Try a new experience with ikatan Shanti-dhara treatments that guarantees you can’t think through this beautiful body wrap and head massage.
How about a Facial that nurtures with touch to the peripheral nerve endings around the face and includes scalp, face, décolletage and neck massage and leaves you feeling and looking good with rejuvenated skin and mineral makeup application.

You will be so happy within that it will show and flow to keep everyone else happy too.
You deserve to be cared for just as your family does from you.

Happy Mum, happy family, happy life.
Love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments
Katrina Thorpe – Owner ikatan spa

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