What’s the Best Massage in Noosa for Relaxation?

//What’s the Best Massage in Noosa for Relaxation?

With six different massages on offer at ikatan Day Spa near Noosa, I’m often asked which is the most relaxing. I’ve created all the massages myself so it’s a bit like being asked to choose a favourite child! And all our massages are designed for relaxation making things even harder.

The various different massages are also designed to suit different preferences and needs. For example, our pregnancy massage is obviously intended to relax and nurture mums-to-be, while our Serenity head and foot massage is designed to be enjoyed while sitting in the garden.

Just between you and me, I personally find our Chi Massage  the most relaxing massage in Noosa. But I think the new Mantra Massage which we’re launching soon (stay, tuned!) might steal the title of Noosa’s most relaxing massage.

If you’re struggling to choose, don’t worry. I can guarantee that any massage you experience at ikatan will be one of the most relaxing you’ve ever had. Here’s why:

1. Total focus on relaxation

Our whole spa has been set up with relaxation in mind, from the minute you pass through our gates and turn off your mobile phone. Whether you choose the hot rock massage or the Balinese massage, a massage isn’t just a massage at ikatan, it’s a holistic destressing experience.

2. Perfectly planned massages

I’ve been in the beauty and wellbeing industry my whole adult life and don’t mind admitting I’m a little bit obsessed with finding new ways to lower stress and increase relaxation. We’re all getting more and more stressed out by modern life and relaxing isn’t just pleasant anymore. It’s essential.

I’m constantly researching new ways to deepen relaxation, often by visiting some of the best spas around the world to see what they do. Then I tailor design all our treatments, including the massages, to incorporate the most relaxing techniques with seamless delivery and natural, calming products.

3. Highly trained therapists

All our therapists are qualified in massage therapy before we hire them and then undergo intensive training to learn the different massage styles we offer. The training is done on a day spa model who can give feedback before, during and after the massage, with a trained therapist assisting to explain exactly how the massage should be executed.

This is how we plan all the details so that there are no awkward pauses while we hunt for massage oils or fresh linen because everything is set up ready to go.

This training means that our massages are consistently executed and consistently relaxing. Even if you get a different massage therapist on a second visit, the massage style and experience will be the same.

4. No sales pitch

There’s nothing worse than getting the hard sell at the end of a massage or spa treatment. Our whole focus is on treatments, not selling products and, while we do have a small shop in the reception area, that’s for guests who choose to browse the products or ask for recommendations.

That means our guests can relax throughout their massages and at the end of it with no pressure to buy anything.

5. No time constraints

Our massages last 60 or 90 minutes and I highly recommend booking the full 90-minute experience for pure relaxation. But either way, there are no time constraints when it comes to relaxing in our gardens post-massage. You can have a glass of wine, bubbles or herbal tea and even enjoy some nibbles if you’re hungry.

It’s a beautiful way to extend the relaxation experience and allow the products time to sink in and do their work.

When it comes to deciding which of our massages are the most relaxing you be the judge. Trust me, they’ll all help you stress less and, after you’ve had one, you’ll want to come back and try them all.

Find out more about Noosa’s most relaxing massages at the ikatan Day Spa website.

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