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My Experience with a Balinese Balian Healer.

Most trips to Bali for us are about working, as in sourcing, searching and having made, essential things we cant find in Australia to keep Ikatan Spa authentically Balinese.

On a recent trip to Bali, between work commitments, I was in need of more than a day spa treatment to help me recover from the past few years of stress in my life, which took me by surprise as to how it effected me physically, mentally and emotionally.

My friend had been seeing Putu, a Balinese Balian Healer for years and recommended him to me, and I am now happy to recommend him to you but before I do, I would like you to understand a little about a Balian Healer and I why I am happy to tell you about my experience with him.

I’m a little Sceptical.

Apart from owning a Balinese Day Spa and teaching Balinese massage in Bali, I used to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer, therefore have a good understanding of the human body. I’m also a beauty therapist and qualified in a number of massage styles, including remedial and Balinese, along with studying Bowen Therapy Technique. I’m not what I would call overly ‘spiritual’ but have good intuition when it comes to dealing with bodies and different therapies. I was therefore open to seeing a Balian Healer but a little reserved about what Putu could actually achieve with my body, however I do believe in a lot of the same beliefs that Balinese live by and am always open to new experiences.

What is a Balian?

Being a Balian is not a job, it’s part of who they are and what they do for others. Balians don’t chose to be a healer themselves, they know their skills are a gift to help others and it is their destiny to have been chosen. Some Balians learn healing techniques from their family members who were healers before them, however many Balian also study and are qualified, skilled practitioners.

It is better to be recommend to a Balian healer by someone else as generally Balians do not like to draw attention to themselves, as in advertising what they do because it is not customary to do so. You will find brochures of leaflets about healers and they are more about informing people visiting Bali, otherwise it would be hard for tourists to find a healer but Balinese people are not enticed by this kind of advertising. Balians do not like to be addressed as a Balian, as they are genuinely humble souls and their work speaks for itself, which is why advertising themselves is not culturally acceptable.

What does a Balian Healer do?

There are numerous types of healers who work on specific problems, from broken bones to emotional stress, mental disorders to “mysterious” problems. Always choose a Balian that is appropriate for your own needs and don’t expect miracles or to be fixed in one session.

I found Putu in a small shop, on a quiet back streets of Legian. It was no more or less than I had expected, as I knew it would be a humble place where an authentic Balian would chose to be. I stepped inside the room and was meet by Putu’s wife Wayan. Putu was blessing a bottle of water for the person he had treated before me and I could see he was totally immersed in what he was doing, and I liked that. Wayan escorted me to the corner of the room, behind the half pulled curtain and explained to me to get changed and lay face down on the bed.

How do You Know a if Healer is Gifted or Qualified?

I didn’t need Putu to say anything as I could feel Putu’s presence. He lay his hands on my back and spoke softly to me ‘Hello Miss Katrina, I will look after your body’. I could have cried, as I felt so in need of someone to look after my body and intuitively know what I needed after all the stress I had been through.

I had decided when I booked that I would not tell Putu everything that was wrong with my body. If he was an authentic Balian Healer, he should be able to find my aliments and heal them. Yes, I was definitely going to test Putu’s healing, massage technique and knowledge as a Balian.

Warm healing hands worked my muscles without pain while he softly whispered to me in a soothing Balinese voice, areas of my body that had issues. I could not believe what he was telling me, how did he know?

Putu’s understanding of the body felt like he could see through my skin as if it was a map with blockages that need clearing.  When I looked up at Putu a few times, he had his eyes closed in deep concentration while his gentle but firm hands manipulated my body.

I got my Breast and Cervix Protected.

I love a good back massage that doesn’t hurt but soothes away the tension. As a therapist I know this is the best way for the body to let go of stress. His healing hands work on my upper back into my neck as well as under and down my arms, Putu tells me to look after my breasts and he was protecting them through by working through this area. I knew what he meant as this is the lymphatic area for the breasts and a very important area to massage as well as check for lumps.

It’s especially good for women to be massaged in the area around the side or ribs and under arms due to us wearing bras that can be restrictive to lymphatics, however it’s often neglected during a massage for fear of being intrusive. At ikatan Spa, staff are trained to massage around the upper arm and along the side of the body to the underarm area, particularly in our 90 minute Mantra massage.

Putu’s English is good but some things he told me were lost in translation, however I got the general idea when he said he was ‘protecting my cervix’ while massaging my stomach, obviously meaning female organs and I was relieved when he said ‘good working order now’.

Balian Body Reader.

I was totally in ore of Putu’s anatomy skills when he started working on my psoas (hip flexor) which is a very important muscle responsible for all sorts of body movement and issues, often neglected, misunderstood and rarely massaged unless it’s with a good remedial or sports massage therapists. It’s an uncomfortable area to have massaged, as it needs to be worked on around the buttocks, hip and deep into the abdominal area. Putu worked with skill, grace and kindness while letting me know if he needed to work deeper, which it didn’t hurt.

Putu is a what I will call a ‘body reader’, it’s a map he knows well, working on fixing all the blockages and speed bumps as he travels over it, this is my kind of healer.

No Eat, Pray Love for Me.

I was not interested in a Balian that could give me ‘spiritual predictions’ like the Balian in the movie or book ‘Eat , Pray, Love’ however there are Balians that specialise in spiritual healing for those that need this help.

Bodies are what I know and understand and while that comes with a good sense of intuition and awareness of a mental and emotional connection, I needed my stress healed through my physical body first, knowing the rest would follow from a better working physical body. I did feel a great sense of relief both physically and emotionally and I can highly recommend Putu if you need your body physically corrected and balanced with a professionally qualified practitioner who is gifted with talent and intuition.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Healing.

bali guide by ikatan day spa noosa 4 The healing experiences my husband and I had over a week, with three ninety-minute healing treatments worked for both of us physically, mentally and emotionally so well and yet it seemed so uncomplicated and naturally better each day. Working on a body takes time and repeated visits, my advice, from experience in working on bodies and seeing a Balian Healer is to always book the longest treatment time you can have or afford, it’s more economical to have a longer treatment, and go back a few times or don’t go at all.

Putu is a genuine Balian Healer who learnt his skills from his father and generations of healers before him as well as extensive and continued study but it’s his gentle soul that delivers the skill he has, which I feel makes him so gifted as a healer.

Owning a day spa and being a therapist myself, I know some people feel uncomfortable having a man massage them but if it makes you feel better, Putu’s wife Wayan, stays in the room, on the others side of the curtain, and this may help some people feel more comfortable. Putu covers you with a sarong and does not overly expose the body, he doesn’t need too.

Tips for Finding and Having a Balian Healing Treatment.

  • Ask friends or Balinese where you are staying for a Balian recommendation.
  • Ask you hotel to book your first visit. Sometimes we are hard for Balinese to understand over the phone.
  • Or Book via a text message or email.
  • Wear loose underwear.
  • Don’t go for a treatment with a full bladder.
  • Cost of a Balian is inexpensive and relative to how long they work on you, but well worth your health.
  • Remember to book one or two days in advance.
  • Book a minimum of 90 minute treatment.

If you would like to visit Putu you are welcome to tell him Katrina from ikatan Spa Noosa recommended you and I am sure you will be happy with his treatments of you. If you are not satisfied with his style of healing find another healer that is more suited to your needs.

Putu Balinese Healer – mobile +62 813 3852 7069

Have you had or are you interested in a treatment with a Balinese Balian Healer?

Day Spa Oracle blog came about from clients inspiring me to share my knowledge, experience and advice. I hope it inspires you too Katrina Thorpe Day Spa Oracle

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