Bali Spa Review: Spring Spa in Seminyak

//Bali Spa Review: Spring Spa in Seminyak

If you are staying in the Jl Petitenget area of Seminyak Bali, Spring Spa is easy to find, across the road from the W Resort or Potato Head entrance. While every resort in Bali has a day spa and there are also a lot of salon-type beauty places, what I like about Spring Spa is that you feel as if you’re in a day spa rather than a beauty salon or hairdressers, yet they offer salon services too.

Clean, Contemporary Vibe

With a clever use of concrete combined with large timber posts, a curved wall separates the pedicure area from the open foyer and reception, which makes a stunning design feature.

Spring Spa in Seminyak has a relaxed, fun, designer feel that makes you want to stay a while. It’s decorated in clean, crisp white with just a splash of colour in combination with soft lighting and cushioned timber furniture.

Cultural Considerations

I always prefer to visit a day spa in Bali to make a booking, it’s easier to speak face to face with the reception team rather than over the phone. English is usually a third language for Balinese people, so it’s best to speak slowly and clearly to tell the reception staff what you want to book.

Read the spa menu and repeat the name of the treatment you want from the spa menu, without making too many changes to what you want, or book online at Spring Spa online. Be patient, kind and considerate when speaking to the spa staff who are trying to help you and always remember, this is Bali and nothing happens fast, plus it’s also time for you to slow down to island time.

My Massage at Spring Spa

I always choose a massage or a pedicure when trialling a new day spa. They’re the two things I always need and I’m not keen on facials at day spas in Bali because I’ve tried many of them but have never had a good experience. I haven’t had a facial at Spring Spa but intend to try one during my next visit to Spring Spa.

My spa therapist was experienced and skilled about knowing what I needed from my massage. She had a quick chat with me before the massage to ask me if there were any areas that needed more attention or that I did not want to be massaged.

In Bali, massage often includes the stomach, upper chest, face and scalp, therefore you will often be asked what areas you don’t want to be massaged. I love a stomach massage as it’s an area where we hold emotional tension and there are many amazing benefits of stomach massages. If you haven’t had a stomach massage before, do try it.

The Elements of a Good Massage

There are a few simple things that make a massage good:

  • Your confidence in the therapist;
  • The therapist’s care factor;
  • The flow of the massage;
  • Comfort.

All these elements were included in my Spring Spa Balinese massage. I loved every second that I remember of the massage, as I drifted in and out of the real world under the hands of my nurturing therapist. She really seemed to care about me, what she was doing for me and how I felt.

Maybe I loved my Balinese massage at Spring Spa so much as it was very similar to ikatan Day Spa Noosa’s Balinese massage and the familiarity meant I relaxed immediately.

Final word on Spring Spa in Seminyak

What I loved most about Spring Spa was my therapist, my massage, the other staff, the location, the cleanliness of the entire spa and the clever, understated, fresh interior design.

Spring Spa was a little more expensive than some of the older style spas or a beach massage, but I never choose cheap locations or treatments, as I know there’s always a reason they are cheap. Hygiene, comfort, training and location are more important to me than saving a few Rupiah. If you’re not convinced, see my article 12 things to know about day spas.

I can’t wait for my next business trip to Bali to visit Spring Spa for another massage and to try many more treatments on their spa menu. I think I’ve finally found my new favourite spa in Seminyak and I definitely recommend you visit one of the Spring Spas in Bali.

If you live in, or visit, New Zealand, they also have Spring Spas in some of my favourite locations there including Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown.

Star Rating

Definitely 5 stars for Spring Spa Seminyak’s Balinese massage.

Can you recommend any amazing day spa experiences in Bali?

I’m a paying guest at all day spas I review for Day Spa Oracle. The spas and therapists are not aware of who I am, what I do, or where I come from. I like it that way; it’s nice to just be me.

I hope this day spa review helps you select day spas and treatments when you travel to Bali.  Experiences like these are how we get to know others and ourselves.

Visiting Bali Soon?

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