5 Ways to Make Your Noosa Babymoon Special

//5 Ways to Make Your Noosa Babymoon Special

What is a babymoon? No, it’s not the full moon shape of your tummy when you’re in your third trimester! It’s a holiday you take with your partner when your tummy is in full bloom with a baby bump.

It’s the last break you get together before your baby is born, the sleep-deprived nights stack up, and your bundle of joy needs constant care. It’s also time to relax and enjoy time together as a couple in a special place before you become three.

So what do you do on a babymoon? Here are our suggestions for how to spend your last holiday as a couple, when the mum to be may be feeling tired but you both still want to have fun.

7 Special Things to do on Babymoon

Activities that are geared around relaxation, or things you know you’re not going to be able to do together on future holidays with baby, are exactly what you should do on a babymoon.

1. Romantic evenings

Lingering dinners at a restaurant are one experience you won’t be having after the baby arrives, and sleep becomes more important than eating out. While your diet may be slightly limited during pregnancy, restaurants commonly cater for pregnancy requirements and it’s wonderful to have someone else cook and clean for you.

2. Spending time in nature

Going to the beach, swimming and walking are all perfect activities during pregnancy to help keep the body moving. If you can swim in the summertime, baby bumps love to cool off and float in the water. Fresh air and being in nature is a calming, nurturing way to unwind.

3. Day Spa visit in a double room

Babymoons are a popular time to get pampered with a massage, facial or foot treatment. Massages for mums-to-be are a necessity and dads-to-be need them too. It’s a stressful waiting game when the baby’s due date is coming up, and a big change for both of you. Be sure to mention that you’re pregnant when you book and request pregnancy safe massages and spa treatments.

Facials leave you feeling and looking refreshed. They create the deepest relaxation and are perfect pre-birth photo preparation for those first Mum, Dad and bub photos.

Pedicures and foot treatments are a must to rejuvenate tired feet when you’re on a babymoon as you can’t reach your toes with that baby bump in the way, and feet often swell in the last trimester. Foot treatments and head massages are popular for dads-to-be too and, if you have a treatment together, he may pick up a few massage ideas to do on you when you get home!

4. Sleeping in

Having a lie in sounds like something you can do at home, but not for long. When the baby arrives, everyone will be up before dawn! You’ll feel like half the day is over by 10 am when you’ve been up early with a baby.

On your babymoon, you may be just heading out for a lazy breakfast and coffee at that time. Enjoy the hot coffee as you won’t get many of them once the baby arrives… but you will get used to drinking luke warm coffee!

5. Shopping for baby gifts

Picking up a souvenir for yourselves or the baby’s room is a fun way to remember your babymoon together, especially if you visit a place that means a lot to both of you.

Many couples who got engaged or married in Noosa, visit again for their babymoon, and will no doubt be back for family holidays with their baby.

What would you like to do on a babymoon?

Are you planning a babymoon in Noosa?

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