5 Reasons Why Facials are More Relaxing Than a Massage

//5 Reasons Why Facials are More Relaxing Than a Massage

Beauty is skin deep, it shows in a person’s skin, how they feel within, especially when you are stressed.

You can’t hide how you feel, it shows in your face. So why wouldn’t you want to feel good, happy, relaxed and have it reflect in your face? Well, we have the solution for you and it’s as simple as booking yourself into a tranquil place for a facial regularly. You will be amazed how different you will feel and look.

1. Why facials are more relaxing than a massage

Facials can be more relaxing than a massage, they are also about creating ‘inner peace’ which reflects a serene appearance on your face immediately after a facial. As opposed to a massage where having your head facing down causes your sinuses to block and your face to be squashed into a head rest while having the back of your body massaged. Yet people tend to shy away from facials in preference for a massage when wanting to destress and relax.

I believe it’s a lack of education or information from the beauty industry to the main stream media about informing people of the advantages of a facial rather than a massage when you need to relax. Guests at ikatan spa go into a deep relaxation or sleep during facials and the type of rest they gain during the facial time can transform them from stressed to rest in less than an hour.

Spa packages usually include a facial as they are the main component for relaxing the mind, scalp, facial muscles and breathe. There are still some people who are scared of having facials as they think it will purge the skin and cause breakouts but facials are not as they used to be.

2. Facials don’t cause breakouts

Decades ago, facials were all about extractions, steaming and purging skin, leaving skin looking blotchy and bruised after a facial. Facial products were not as refined as they are today and technology in making skin care product was not as high tech as it is today.

Facial products, training and techniques used today have changed facials, products and procedures compared to what was used years ago and now are all about desensitising, calming, hydrating, balancing and nourishing your skin.

While the skincare products used today are all about achieving results in the form of calming skin, dissolving away surface dead skin and adding hydration to attain beautiful skin. While all the scientific products, organic ingredients and precious oils transform your skin aromatherapy and skilled hands help your relaxation.

A well educated and knowledgeable Therapist plays a great part in the results you will see in your skin. While you might expect this to be a therapist that is industry experienced, some of the therapists new to working in the industry are trained well at college and have know the latest techniques and information.

The magic that skin Therapists work with their soothing hands while using advanced skincare products and specialised aroma oils to deliver effective anti-ageing treatments are all combined in one facial at ikatan Spa to offer immediate stress relief. Skin Therapists can feel you slipping into deep relaxation, while your breathing slows and you drift to inner peace, releasing facial muscle tension as well as your mind and stress.

3. How do facials work?

During a facial Therapists use a lighter, softer touch in repetitive rhythmical patterns over the peripheral nerve endings on and around the face and scalp.

The peripheral nerves are important structures in the body that carry information from the brain and spinal cord out to the muscles to initiate movements and then to also carry sensory information back from the extremities and other tissues to the spinal cord. This brain and sensory touch exchange from soft repetitive movements simply send a message of calm to your mind and it shows in your face.

4. Facials can make you look younger, relaxed and in love

You know how people have a different look about them when they are in love, pregnant or just back from a holiday? When those relaxed, happy vibes are just too good to hide. Well, facials can give you that look too. You will certainly be in love with a facial once you have a facial with good skin care, a skilful facialist and a caring massage. If you can’t find time for a holiday, go have a facial and see how good you look and feel. Having a facial when you’re expecting a baby can help control hormonal skin, give you some comfortable relaxation time and enhance your pregnancy glow.

5. Any time is a great time to have facials or skin treatments 

Cooler months are particularly good time for a facial if you live in a sunny location due to less chance of sun exposure when having intensive peels or skin treatments. Winter is also a season to snuggle up where it’s cosy and warm on a soft treatment bed relaxing while you enjoy a rejuvenating treatment that leaves you looking and feeling de-stressed.

We use and recommend Environ cosmeceutical 100% vitamin skincare for anti-ageing and for those who love organic products we also offer Organic Nation skincare for all facial treatments at ikatan Spa.

Try a facial next time you need some inner peace.

Day Spa Oracle blog came about from clients inspiring me to share my knowledge, experience and advice. I hope it inspires you too Katrina Thorpe Day Spa Oracle

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