5 Most Popular Day Spa Treatments

//5 Most Popular Day Spa Treatments

Beauty and wellbeing trends come and go, but the best day spa treatments are timeless. We all visit the day spa for different reasons. Some are looking for pure relaxation, others want a makeover that leaves their skin glowing and many need help with common overworked or stress-related conditions, sore or aching muscles or desperately need their feet attended too.

If you’re wondering what spa treatment to book, either for yourself, or as a gift, we’ve created this list as a decision-making shortcut. Sometimes too much choice can be over-whelming; if you’re suffering from analysis paralysis then just pick one of these five most popular treatments at ikatan Day Spa in Noosa. They’re guaranteed to please.

Remember! Before and or after all treatments at ikatan, guests are encouraged to relax in the tropical gardens with a glass of complimentary champagne or pot of T2 tea.

Top 5 Most Popular Treatment at ikatan Spa


The type of massage that people choose depends on their needs and sometimes the season, but massage is the treatment most of us need and crave. The stress-busting Chi Massage suits everyone while the Serenity Massage, for the head, neck, shoulders, feet and lower legs, is perfect for people who prefer a seated massage, where you don’t need to get undressed and takes place surrounded by nature in the garden room. Combine spa treatments with a glass of wine and nibbles, or afternoon tea, before or after treatments.

Top Tip: Book or upgrade to a 90-minute massage. The extra time makes a huge difference for the body and soul at a minimal cost.

2.Balinese Boreh Wrap and Massage

This is an energising treatment based on a traditional Balinese remedy that’s still popular in Bali today. As with all our treatments, we’ve tweaked it and improved it so that it’s now equally popular in Noosa as it is in Bali.

The Balinese Boreh (bore-a) 45 minute treatment starts with full body exfoliation using warm, exotically scented spices. This is then wrapped for warmth, which activates the spices to relieves muscle tension, minimises aches and pains and increases circulation. While cocooned in the wrap, the client is treated to a soothing scalp massage. Finally, warm coconut milk is used to nourish the body before a shower.

The second half of the treatment involves a traditional medium pressure 45 minute Balinese massage, which blends gentle stretching, with long flowing strokes. The combination of pressure techniques and warm aroma oil relaxes the mind and body, providing gently nurturing and leaving people feeling refreshed.

3.Coco-Luscious Body Wrap and Facial

 The smell of coconut and the sensation of being first exfoliated, then hydrated, make this treatment feel almost as good as a vacation. The treatment starts with dry body brushing to stimulate lymphatics and exfoliate the skin, followed by a luxurious coconut oil, scrub and milk wrap.

While the coconut ingredients in the coco-luscious wrap are working their magic, the therapist treats our guest to a 30 minute facial, personalised to suit the skin type and needs and soothing scalp massage.

This treatment ends with a warm shower and a flowing, application of organic coconut body moisturiser.

4.Anti-Ageing Facial

As we age, the skin matures and changes too, requiring more intensive care than young skin. The 75 minute Environ anti-ageing facial helps turn back time by reduce signs of ageing and is safe for even the most sensitive skin. It’s ideal for mature, sun-damaged or thinning skin, all common side-effects of ageing.

The facial includes a deep cleanse, alpha peel, relaxing facial massage, vitamin-packed serums, a soothing mask and vitamin moisturiser to hydrate, tighten and brighten the skin, leaving guests looking and feeling younger.

The anti-ageing facial treatment includes complimentary mineral make-up application to protect your skin.

 5.Deluxe Pedicure

Our deluxe pedicure is equally popular with men and women and people of all ages, from teenagers through to their grandmothers. It’s a 60-minute ritual for the feet, surrounded by nature viewed from our garden room.

This pedicure is worlds away from an impersonal quick service in a small nail salon while you breath in acrylic fumes, as found in a shopping centre and only a minimal difference in price. While drinking T2 tea or a glass of sparkling wine, our guests are treated to a a ritual for the feet.

  • Foot soak, scrub and buff;
  • Glycolic peel;
  • Full nail treatment with cuticle work, cut, file, buff and polish;
  • Soothing foot massage;
  • Hydration mask;
  • Nail polish application.
  • Take your new bottle of nail polish home.

It feels as good as it sounds and you can sit in the gardens while your polish dries. ikatan’s deluxe pedicure leaves guests feeling pampered and ready to put their best foot forward in life.

Book any of these popular treatments online or buy a gift voucher for them on our website. To make a booking contact 07 54711199 ikatan Spa today.

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